An interesting picture surfaced on the Internet. Instead of a Russian city, Budapest is included as the background for a Russian tram design. Not only does Budapest seem to be an attractive city for tourists, but a Czech-Russian company also used the cityscape to make their designs stand out, hvg reports.

According to Omnibus blog, Škoda Transportation and the Russian Sinara Group have set up a joint company to produce new trams for the underdeveloped regions of Russia.

A csehek orosz városnak nézték Budapestet?A Škoda Transportation és az orosz Sinara Group egy közös villamosgyártó…

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The first visualisation has already been published, but instead of any Czech or Russian city, a part of Széchenyi Square in Budapest is used as the background for the renders. Why this might have happened is unknown, but the blog made a BKV (Budapest Transport Corporation) version of the vehicle.

Considering trams as means of public transportation, Budapest and Hungary have a lot more to offer, take for example the Gingerbread tram which is Europe’s most beautiful advent tram. And you should also read this article about a tram of record-breaking length in Budapest.


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  1. Cheeky photo-graph. We know living in District v the beauty of Tram Route 2, one of the finist and beautiful tram routes in the world and we should be extremely proud of that fact. The current fleet of trams that service route 2 are adequate and perform there task with high standard but time will send them to that “tram grave-yard” and be replaced by a modern fleet highly resembling that in the “cheeky” photo-graph. What ever future plans are for a fleet up-grade let us retain a high degree of nostalgia / history of our beloved trams that run route 2 and that play such an intracule and important role in the wonderful public transport system that we have living in Budapest.

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