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Travel blog Utazómajom writes that a passenger started a vicious fight onboard the Basel-Budapest flight on Monday, 1 October. According to one of the passengers, even the captain had to intervene.

The trouble started when, mid-flight, a young man hit his girlfriend. Some of the passengers alerted the cabin crew about the incident. One of the stewards tried to calm him down and talk sense into him but, instead of cooling down, the young man headbutted the steward several times. After a long struggle, the cabin crew removed the young man from his seat out of safety reasons, with the help of two other passengers, escorting him to the other end of the craft.

The Basel-Budapest flight was introduced earlier this year in April

After a while, the man tried to go back to his partner, not caring about the stewardesses who were at the moment serving the other passengers. According to an eye-witness, he could not pass next to the stewardess because of the cabin carriage, so he got closer and closer to her. The stewardess warned him that he is keeping her from doing her job, asking him to keep his distance. However, he just became angrier.

At this point, after landing the craft, the captain himself intervened, fighting the assaulter.

With the aid of another passenger, the captain managed to force the man on the ground by kneeling on his back.

About 15 minutes later, an escalator was rolled next to the craft, on which a policewoman and a ‘thin’ policeman climbed onboard. According to witnesses, the captain was outraged that they had to wait so long for aid from the authorities.

Wizz Air had seen its fair share of scandals lately: a week ago a couple demanded millions of forints as damage payment from the Hungarian low-cost airline

Passengers could leave the craft first while the crew was kept there for interrogation. Wizz Air told Utazómajom that the case was taken over by the police.

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Source: utazomajom.hu

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