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A man wore not much else than a T-shirt at a public academic student conference at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University, which was held online on Monday. Although the video is not available on the internet anymore, it became viral and generated many memes and comments.

According to 444, the other participants would not necessarily have been aware of the man’s incomplete clothing, except that the man’s camera was turned on even when he sat down in front of the computer, so his intimate parts were also seen by the participants.

The video about this “accident” spread quickly among the students, and the case was referred to in several Facebook posts by an ELTE-ÁJK meme site. One such example can be seen below:

It says: “So how was TDK (Scientific Students’ Associations Conference)?”

elte ájk scandal
Screenshot from M1 news channel

The operators of the site got into a clash with faculty instructors who asked all students not to distribute the video or even joke with it because there will be “consequences”.

The university’s communication department issued the following announcement later:

“In the incriminated video, the person in incomplete attire is not known to the event organisers, the person did not enter the event as a legal expert. According to the rules, TDK events are completely public, both in person and online, so yesterday’s conference was open to anyone who – from Facebook or elsewhere – learned about it and asked to join. When the organisers spotted the scene in question during the TDK event, the person was expelled from the call and was not allowed back despite his repeated request.”

The M1 news channel reported about the incident, the relevant part can be seen from 35.25 HERE.

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Source: www.444.hu

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  1. Dickens did write in Oliver Twist, that the” law is an ass”.
    Could be similarities to our present Government, haven’t they been caught with their pants down ?

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