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The 83-year-old man was beaten and robbed by two women in Budapest. The women befriended him two months before the robbery and tricked him into letting them into his apartment.

The incident happened in District VII on 8 November 2019, Police.hu reports. Police soon found out that it was not just an occasional robbery; the women probably planned it in advance.

The two women first approached the old man two months before the robbery. The women engaged in conversation with the victim at Keleti Railway Station. The man invited them to his apartment and offered them drinks.

The three of them talked, then the women left shortly after.

The women reappeared in front of his home on 6 November. They wanted to get into his apartment, claiming that they planned this meeting beforehand. The man was confused and asked them to leave. However, he gave them his number.

A few days later, the older women convinced the man over the phone that they should meet and talk again in the evening. Shortly, around 6 p.m., the woman appeared at his apartment, and they started drinking and having a friendly conversation which soon turned hostile.

The woman let her accomplice into the man’s apartment against his will, then the two of them started looking through the man’s belongings, searching for cash. The women hit the man multiple times. He was also pushed, and he hit his head.

The women’s attempt to find cash was unsuccessful, so they settled for taking the man’s cell phone then they left the premises.

Police were called around 8 p.m., and they managed to identify the conwomen in a few hours. 37-year old Magdolna R. and 19-year-old Réka B. were captured by the police in an apartment in District X. The suspects are currently being interrogated. Police requested an arrest warrant against them.

Source: www.police.hu

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