Serbian men attempted to smuggle 62 kg marijuana to Hungary (402,323 Euros in value) reports.

On 29 March, the Serbian men checked in at the border crossing point at Röszke, with a car and an attached trailer. The excise officers of the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration and the police officers of Szeged noticed that the trailer had been altered, so they checked the car.

The car the drug was found in

After breaking the floor, they saw that another sheet-metal was melded to the manufactured metal frame. They found 62.414 kg of marijuana in altogether 119 packages in the hiding place. Supposedly, this amount approaches the lower limit of the specifically significant amount. Its price on the black market is around 402,323 Euros, informs.

After arresting the Serbian men, the Serbian police heard them as suspects, and initiated their provisional detention.




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  1. It’s OK to report on crime, but how come you don’t show clear statistic by region. You also have failed to research and conclude on your report to address why there is such an epidemic of crime in Budapest

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