According to, nearly two dozens of Hungarian wines earned medals in the competition called Berliner Wein Trophy (BWT) organized by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The results have been announced in the German capital on Tuesday.

48 Hungarian wines participated in the competition, 15 of them earned a gold medal and 7 wines became 2nd.

According to the rules up to 30% of the total number of competitors can be awarded. This rate was nearly 50% among the Hungarian wines. Tokaj and Szekszárd triumphed, while Villány also performed well.

BWT has been organized since 2004 in two rounds, in February and in July. During the organization by the German wine marketing company (DWM) 185 experts assessed 5785 wines.

The competition could also mean an admission into the Asia Wine Trophy (AWT), which is the leading competition of the Asian region. AWT will be organized in South Korea in October, wrote.

Hungarian wines also competed at BWT in the last years. The event is supplemented by an international wine fair and tens of thousands of visitors.

This year, the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) Zrt. participated as well. Ministerial Commissioner Gyula Budai told that it will be the first time when Hungary will have an own stand at the Berlin Wine Fair, between February 26-28. 40 thousand guests are expected to the event, reported.

The value of the Hungarian wine export to Germany reached EUR 15 million in 2015, which means a significant increase compared to previous years. It is also promising that the rate of bottled wines becomes higher – the Ministerial Commissioner said.


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