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Budapest, March 13 (MTI) – Several of the hundred or so migrants living in a closed reception center in Békéscsaba, in southeast Hungary, have gone on a hunger strike, public news channel M1 reported on Monday.

The migrants have announced their action on-line and also circulated a statement to the press saying that they are “suffering from physical and psychological illness” and that many of them are “considering committing a suicide”.

The migrants said they wished to call the attention of the international media to their situation so that they be released from the facility as soon as possible.

They said they protested against being “kept in custody” despite the fact that they have been fleeing war and murder.

The migrants also protested against having been left in the dark for the past six months over their future.

They accused the Hungarian government of “trampling on” human rights and waging a “psychological warfare” against asylum-seekers.

Source: MTI

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