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Green LMP promises an across-the-board wage increase and fair tax cuts if elected in the April general election, Bernadett Szél, the party’s PM candidate, said on Saturday.

The party plans to introduce a three-rate personal income tax regime with tax rates of 0, 12 and 24 percent, Szél told a news conference. She vowed to reintroduce a tax-exempt minimum wage.

Szél said these policies would leave those making minimum wage with an extra 26,000 forints (EUR 83) and average earners with an extra 36,000 forints of disposable income a year.

She described the situation of public sector workers as “tragic”, saying that this sector “hasn’t been given anything” by the government over the past 10 years.

If it came into power, LMP would consider the minimum wage as the base for the public sector wage scale, Szél said. She added that her government would spend 300 billion forints on wage increases.

Szél said LMP would double education spending. She also vowed to “create permanently favourable conditions” for small and medium-sized companies and help boost all environmentally-friendly sectors and the agriculture sector.

Citing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent remark that Hungary “is starting to look good” and “will be in good shape” in four years’ time if Fidesz wins the election, Szél said that after eight years in power, Fidesz should be running on its track record instead of campaign promises.

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Source: MTI

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