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She got fired from Deichmann in Slovakia because she spoke Hungarian

She got fired from Deichmann in Slovakia because she spoke Hungarian

According to, an outrageous incident happened to Judy in Somorja, namely she got fired from the shoe store Deichmann because she spoke Hungarian at work. looked into the case and interviewed the victim who told the story:

The woman was the employee of Deichmann in Bratislava/Pozsony for two months and they were satisfied with her work. She also participated in the opening of another store in Somorja, so there could not be problem with her work. The issues started when the group was working on the opening of the new store in Somorja.

One of the ladies took offense that Judy spoke Hungarian with another Hungarian colleague and she phoned in Hungarian as well. Several people noted she should be quiet when the regional manager arrives because they do not like it when someone speaks Hungarian.

Even then she was arguing with the mentioned lady. It is interesting that the store manager of Arab descent stood up for her who said everyone has the right to use their mother tongue.


The complication began at the day of the opening when Judy greeted the Hungarian people in Hungarian and the Slovaks in Slovakian, since she knew a lot of people in the town. On Monday, a couple of days later, the regional manager called her into the office and fired her. He/she did not have to provide justification why Judy got fired, since she was in her three-month probation period. When the Hungarian woman asked whether it was a problem to serve the customers in Hungarian, the regional manager said the seller has to greet the people in Slovakian, although there are more Hungarians in Somorja than Slovaks.

According to, it is interesting that Judy had to speak with a German professional about alarm system, because none of the Slovaks spoke German. Then the foreign language skills of Judy were useful for them.

The truth is the use of the Hungarian language was a problem only in Somorja among the Deichmann stores of the Hungarian towns of Csallokoz so far. Since the case, it turned out that 7 new stores opened in Somorja, and of which, Pepco, DM drugstore and a Slovakian-owned second-hand shop simply ban the use of the Hungarian language.

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  1. Edward

    Very unintelligent decision. If a businessess’ objective is to make money, then it shouldn’t matter which language the sale is completed. This is a very archaic mindset that Slovaks have to get over inorder to move beyond the 18th century. Hopefully, Judy takes the case up with Human rights, hires a lawyer, sues the company and its manager, then brings the matter into the E.U justice system.

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