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The internationally known European Statistics Office – Eurostat – recently revealed their statistics about the situation of the continent’s health and healthcare. The results, unfortunately, are not the best regarding Hungary.

Szeretlek Magyarország reported that according to the statistics, out of the five most unhealthy regions of the continent two is Hungarian.

Regarding the Hungarian regions, North-Hungary is in the worst situation where most people die of chronic diseases on the whole continent.

The fifth place is taken by the Northern region of the Great Hungarian Plain. Second place is taken by Litvania, third by a region in Romania and the fourth by Latvia.

In the European Union, an average of 549 death cases happen each year because of chronic diseases. The sad news is that this number is more in Hungary.

In the North-Hungarian region 1,169 and on the Great Hungarian Plain’s northern part 1,064 fatal incident happen every year.

People in Hungary get chronic diseases 8-10 years before the average estimated year. This means that chronic diseases’ symptoms show up at the age of 58-60.


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