It is a general fact that every eighth European dies because of circulatory diseases on the continent. Unfortunately, according to statistics, Hungary has the third-worst tendency regarding the number of deaths because of these diseases.

Pénzcentrum reported that in 2016, nearly 609 thousand Hungarians died due to circulatory diseases. This number is 10% of all death cases (5.1 million) each year in the country. According to Eurostat, these diseases affect 90% of residents above 65, and more men die than women.

Hungary is among the worst countries. Out of 100,000 residents, 367 dies due to circulatory diseases. The European average number is 118.

The worst situation is in Lithuania where out of 100,000 residents, 560 die each year.

The best situation is in Mediterranean countries and France, where despite fatty meals, red wine seems to have a good health effect on people.

Hungarians have a serious chance to die prematurely 

In the European Union, out of three deaths under the age of 75, two would have been avoidable, according to the statistics of Eurostat from 2016. On the world ranking list of the preventable and operable cases, Romania, Lithuania, and Hungary have the worst results at around 80%. Meanwhile, the EU average is 68%. 



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