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Soksz铆n疟 Vid茅k collected all the beautiful castles and fortresses to see when exploring the Northern region of Hungary.

Salg贸 Castle

Salg贸 Castle
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The castle is situated at the top of a 625 m cliff above the settlement of Salg贸b谩nya, North from the city of Salg贸tarj谩n. There is an amazing view from the castle to the nearby mountains and towns. When the weather is clear, visitors can see as far as the High-Tatra. Both the castle and its surrounding are part of a nature reserve.

The Castle of Eger

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The Eger Castle is best known for repelling the Turkish attack in 1552 during the famous Siege of Eger. The first castle was built on the high hill named V谩rhegy near Eger. However, during the Mongol invasion in 1241, this castle was ruined, and the bishop of Eger moved it to a rocky hill in the city of Eger. On the hill, a new castle was built. In 1552, a Turkish army of 35,000-40,000 soldiers attacked the castle which had 2,100-2,300 defenders. The siege failed as the Turks suffered heavy casualties. A total of 1,700 of the defenders survived.

Sirok Castle

sirok castle hungary
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If you plan a winter tour to the M谩tra Mountains, Sirok is the perfect destination. Furthermore, its spectacular fortress is easily accessible from the village.

Di贸sgy艖r Castle

Castle of Di贸sgy艖r Di贸sgy艖ri V谩r
Castle of Di贸sgy艖r
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The castle was reconstructed in 2014, and it provides an authentic medieval environment to the festival depicting the everyday life in the age of knights. A medieval festival is held annually at Di贸sgy艖r Castle. It is one of the most significant historical games which usually includes jousts, marching with torches, the presentation of several traditional groups and the royal household of the recently reconstructed stronghold. The medieval atmosphere is completed by historical presentations, tournaments, and armoured shows.

Castle of Somosk艖

Castle of Somosk艖

Right next to Salg贸tarj谩n, there is a fascinating natural beauty, a monadnock that arose from a basalt volcanic activity. The 20-25 metres tall basalt columns are unique wonders in the country. Additionally, there is the Castle of Somosk艖 that is definitely worth a visit because it was built back in the 13th century. There is a pathway all the way up to Boszork谩nyk艖 (Witch Rock). The path has boards with exciting pieces of information written on them about the history of the area so that it can teach the younger generations.

Fortress at Holl贸k艖


The fortress can be described as the pearl of the Cserh谩t Mountains, in the vicinity of the Hungarian village 鈥楬oll贸k艖鈥, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Holl贸k艖 is the most visited place in the county; it attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. The fortress was renovated in 2015. The 700-year-old tower, the 13th-century kitchen, the dining room, the lord of the monor鈥檚 residency and the lower fortress were all renovated, and the 16th-century economic buildings were also restored.

Photo: Alp谩r Kat贸 – Daily News Hungary 漏

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