Children's home in Fót

According to, there is no heating in the Károlyi István Children’s Centre in Fót because of the broken boiler. The centre has no money to repair it, so it cools down to 5-6 degrees during the night.

After she visited the home, Bernadett Szél, member of the parliament posted a video on Facebook. She says that they replace the radiators with heaters, but the rooms are stony.

In the caption she writes: ˮDear Government, if the private jets landed, could you give HUF 6 million for the children’s home? That’s the price of a boiler. The children are cold!

Szél also mentions schools that are heating with the same system, meaning that there are a lot more children who are cold.

She thinks nothing is invested in the Home. Instead, they are waiting to be bought up by a potentate.

ˮWe pay taxes to support places like this, not to have politicians flying up and down with private jets.

After the article appeared on, the boiler was quickly repaired. The General Directorate of Social Affairs and Child Protection sent the paper a letter:

 ˮThe problem of the broken boiler in the Károlyi István Children’s Centre was solved, the works have been completed. Heating is provided for the children’s homes and renters of the institute.ˮ

Translated by Roxána Kránitz

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