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Smog alert in Budapest

Smog alert in Budapest wrote that according to the Budapest Mayor’s Office the daily average result of particulate matter (PM10) exceeded the information threshold by 10 measurement points on Saturday and by 11 measurement points on Sunday. 

smog debrecen2

Smog in Debrecen. Photo: MTI

Information threshold means that a level of air pollution is reached or exceeded. This level’s short-term impact poses a threat to the population’s particularly sensitive groups, such as children, the elderly and chronic patients. In this case, more people are turning to doctors because of asthma and bronchitis, and the number of cardiovascular diseases increase as well.

So the people belonging to the mainly endangered groups are recommended to avoid areas affected by major motor vehicle traffic. In addition they should not open the windows and be outdoors, wrote.

Budapest, 2016. január 25. Sûrû szmog Budapest felett, elõtérben Vérmezõ fái, mögötte az Alkotás út 2016. január 25-én. A levegõ magas szállópor-tartalma miatt Tarlós István fõpolgármester Budapesten elrendelte a szmogriadó tájékoztatási fokozatát. MTI Fotó: Szigetváry Zsolt

Smog in Budapest. Photo: MTI

Increased air pollution was measured in Debrecen and Miskolc, too. According to the data of the National Center for Public Health (OKK), air quality is dangerous in Kazincbarcika, Sajószentpéteri, Miskolc, Debrecen and Nyíregyháza. In addition, the organization classified the air of Budapest, Vác, Hernádszurdok, Oszlár and Eger unhealthy.

smog debrecen1

Another smoggy picture from Debrecen. Photo: MTI

Photos: MTI

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