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Unbearable smog in Hungarian cities!

Find out which cities are affected! #Hungary #pollution #smog

Smog warning reintroduced in Budapest

Budapest, February 15 (MTI) – A smog warning was reintroduced in Budapest by Mayor István Tarlós on Wednesday after the concentration of airborne particles reached the […]

Smog alerts maintained in Budapest, several cities

Budapest, January 30 (MTI) – The national health authority (OKK) declared the air in Budapest and ten other cities mainly in northern and northeastern Hungary dangerous […]

Smog alerts reduced in Hungary, check the weather forecast for Monday

Budapest, January 29 (MTI) – Smog alerts have been maintained in seven localities, mostly in north-eastern Hungary and two areas of Budapest where air quality may […]

Smog alerts in place across Hungary

Budapest, January 28 (MTI) – Smog alerts have been maintained in Budapest and in several cities and towns across the country due to the high concentration […]

Extreme smog in Budapest – Drone Video

According to, the video shot on the 24th of January perfectly demonstrates the extreme amount of smog that has characterised Budapest this week. The Municipality […]