Budapest, September 14 (MTI) – Since the beginning of this year police have picked up 191,702 illegal migrants and caught 1117 people smugglers, while the immigration office has registered 170,578 migrants, according to official briefings on Monday.

Laszlo Balazs, border control chief of the national police headquarters, said authorities have speeded up the process of registering migrants. He said 3,280 illegal migrants have been caught by 8am on Monday.

Police apprehended a total of 13,162 illegal entrants over the weekend, including a record high 5,809 on the southern border on Sunday, the communications service of the national police headquarters said.

Viktoria Csiszer-Kovacs of the national police headquarters said the investigation of the circumstances around food distribution at the Roszke camp is still ongoing. Last week, a video showing police at the facility throwing bags of food and bottled water to migrants was posted online. The video was shot secretly by the wife of an Austrian green politician who had been distributing humanitarian aid at the camp.

Photo: MTI


  1. The Hungarian government has no heart,perhaps one day they will find themselves as refugees…and no one will want to help,woman ,or children..they will be faced with gas,water cannons,batons of police that remind me of thugs..barbed wire,razor wire,fences,,this reminds me of Israel tactics.The people of the world should turn their backs on Hungry as a tourist thing for sure I would never step one foot in that country,it is not safe and the riot goons cannot be trusted..

  2. @Linda,
    From your comment, i feel from you very high emotions and anger towards the people of Hungary and others. Sorry you feel as you do, maybe you should seek some medical attention and advice.

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