Budapest (MTI) – The leader of the opposition Socialist party called on the government to relieve the governor of the central bank and the chief prosecutor of their duties, claiming that the two had collaborated in a number of recent controversial issues.

József Tóbiás said it was wrong that György Matolcsy and Péter Polt, public officials serving as heads of independent organisations that oversee public funds, “should decide over coffee” how they would prevent criminal investigations into the issues of failed brokerage Quaestor and central bank’s funds ‘hidden’ in the bank’s foundations.

Officials in the government who pledge support to Matolcsy and Polt “are part of the collusion” and “quietly support this practice of handing out billions of forints in public funds to family members, relatives and friends,” Tobias told a press conference on Sunday.

Ruling Fidesz in response said that with his statement, Tobias “is only making a pitiable effort” to be re-elected at the Socialists’ upcoming congress.

Tobias and the other Socialist politicians are interested only in power and money, Fidesz said, adding that the party is still waiting to hear “what monies various senior Socialist officials have been hiding with what purposes on foreign bank accounts.”

Photo: MTI


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