Budapest, January 25 (MTI) – The Socialist Party has called on the government to cancel all advertising agreements with online news portal over an article the website published on Socialist leader József Tóbiás’s wife and daughter on Saturday.

Lawmaker Zoltán Lukács told a press conference that the party also wants the government to instruct state-owned companies to withdraw their advertisements. Further, the Socialists have called on all public figures, political parties, politicians, athletes and artists to boycott the news portal in protest of the article.

Fidesz lawmaker Gergely Gulyás condemned for the article in a Facebook post and expressed solidarity with the Socialist leader’s family.

The Liberal Party has also called on the government to cut ties with and applauded Gulyás’s comment denouncing the article.

Lukács said the Socialist want Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and other members of Fidesz’s leadership to publicly speak out against the portal, arguing that if they do not, they will endorse the article.

Tóbias said in a statement that he has taken legal action against and will do so against any other media outlet that publishes the article.

Photo: MTI


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