Budapest, January 29 (MTI) – Socialist leader József Tóbiás has called on Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog to resign over the government’s handling of the health care system and “failed” education reform.

Tóbiás told a press conference on Friday that the government needs to “go back to the drawing board” on its education policy. He said Fidesz is “running” from society by holding talks with “its own people” on how to improve education and health care instead of negotiating directly with those who are criticising their policies.

Tóbiás said the Klebelsberg Institute (Klik), the state body that oversees Hungary’s schools, should be scrapped, and schools should again be managed by local communities. He said the government should manage health care and education under two separate ministries.

The Socialist leader said the government’s implementation of its recently announced administrative restructuring plans would “eliminate professionalism” from education and health care.



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  1. The Fidesz gonerment need to “go back to the drawing board”. How bad your observations are Tóbiás and your Socialist party. Why do you stand for your countries interests if you do nothing but critisize all the time. Why do you give so many press conferences and stage so many demonstrations instead of putting your points of view to the parliament that you are supposed to be a part of? The government have the right to discuss things on their agenders, how else would they be able to come up with solutions. If you, Tóbiás, do not want to be a part of the discussions, then that is your decisons, not the government.
    Why you have called on the resignation of Balog Zoltán, beats me and many others. Try refering back to the Socialist days, pre-2010, and look at the ill advised financing mechanism under the Socialist governments of Gyurcsány and Balnai, that led to school closures, teachers were put out of work, and those who remained, by some miracle, were redused to low salaries. You say the government that is in now failed the education reform between 2010 and now, and now you want Balog Zaltán to resign. No, you are wrong. Balog Zoltán and Fidesz have not failed at all. Since 2010, the government have increased teachers pay by 234 billion forints with more increases to come.
    You, Tóbiás, are the none professional along with your Socialists. Every thing that Orbán Viktor and the ruling Fidesz do, is all in a professional way.
    The health service in Hungary has become more reformed also, with renovations to hospitals, and increases in salaries for Doctors and nurses, with more increases to come. What did the Socialists do when they were in power for nearly nine years prior to 2010? This government is doing every thing they can to lift this country from the coldrons it was left with from the dissapointing Socialist parties.
    Tóbiás, you are making as absolute ass of yourself. What you need to do, is to hand in your resignation, yourself, and take the Lefties with you, because if ever you lot got back into power again, and you won’t, this country will go BACK to the state of bancruptsy as it was prior to 2010. You would be far better going back to your knickers and sex shop, and keeping your porn star happy. You, along with Gyurcsány, Balnai and Mesterházi are a disgrace to Hungary. I repeat a saying, “DO WHAT I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO”. This was the Communist Party and the Socialists of today. You are a bunch of hypercrits and liars.

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