Budapest (MTI) – A decline in the number of birth and the low number of new homes built show that the government’s family policy is not working, the opposition Socialists said on Saturday.

The number of births dropped by an unprecedented rate in 2011 to 88,000 and this number has increased only insignificantly since, Ildiko Borbely told a press conference. The most recent data show only 0.1 percent increase from the previous year, she added.

The number of new homes built reached a hundred-year low at only 8,000 in 2014, she said. Even when the economic crisis broke, there were nearly 40,000 news homes built, she added.

She said the recent broadening of the “csok” new home subsidies scheme is riddled with “chaos” and it is still unclear under what conditions Hungarian families can use the subsidy.

The ruling Fidesz said that every Hungarian family can rely on the government and thanks to its reforms, more money is left in families’ pockets, people are encouraged to have more children and home creation is becoming cheaper. During the Socialist government, the family tax allowance was scrapped, home creation allowances were discontinued and a series of austerity measures were introduced against people with children. The current government has introduced a home creation programme, tax allowances for newly married couples, reintroduced and gradually broadened the family tax allowance, increased the number of kindergartens and creches and offered free meals to 90 percent of small children, the Fidesz group said in a statement.


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  1. @Ildiko,
    A typical dumb commie conclusion. For where are these people expected to get credit and make payments on the rising costs of housing in Hungary. Also, this measure of crediting families was JUST introduced and you chose to compare it back to 2011? Why do you think Fidesz JUST introduced this program, and why are you already bashing it? Look back at that big rock behind you, and go crawl back under it before someone gets you with a slingshot or something.

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