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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, February 24 (MTI) – With a view to shedding light on recent allegations made by György Matolcsy that a foreign power had attempted to topple the government and the leadership of the central bank, the Socialist Party announced on Friday it is filing a report to police against unidentified perpetrators suspected of espionage and other crimes against the Hungarian state.

During a Wednesday briefing to lawmakers concerning the 2015 report of the National Bank of Hungary (NBH), Matolcsy said the scandal surrounding the Questor Group stockbroking firm was part of an plot to unseat the government and the bank’s leaders by the embassy of a “major NATO-ally”.

The Socialists said in a statement they wanted to find out whether Matolcsy was simply “talking rubbish” or was negligent of reporting a serious crime to the police and parliament.


Source: MTI

  1. Oh Wow!! Has something hit your filthy, corrupt conscience? I wouldn’t think for one moment that Matolcsy György would lie or spread malitious rumours about a serious thing like espionage. The way you are now acting, points the finger of scorn at the Socialist party. The Socialists have nothing to offer their own country, so they look for ways to ridicule the Fidesz government. This is their one and only strategy. Shame on you, you filthy Socialist, Communist pigs. I hope, for the sake of the country, the police will jump on you seriously. I sincerely doubt, your strategies will get you in power again, as it seems Hungary has had enough of Communism and Fascism.

  2. @máté pál
    Go brother! , i’d like to put these filthy Socialist, Communist pigs in a cage and watch them pick each other apart till they eat each other, problem solved!!!

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