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Socialists petition president over government anti-poverty policy

Socialists petition president over government anti-poverty policy

Budapest, May 2 (MTI) – The opposition Socialist Party has turned to the president asking János Áder in a petition to persuade the government to change its policy on reducing poverty in Hungary, a lawmaker of the party said on Monday.

Hungary has more than 4 million people living in poverty, László Teleki told a press conference in front of Áder’s office, citing recent surveys.

Although the party has urged the government to take action, it “has done nothing at all” to remedy that problem, Teleki said, adding that any allocation of funds on related measures is absent from the country’s 2017 budget bill.

Teleki said they highlighted the situation of the Roma among whom poverty and exclusion had “never been as prevalent as today”. The petition contains an action plan including reinstating the minimum requirement of mandatory schooling age at 18 years instead of 16, enacting anti-segregation measures in public education and eliminating Roma slums, among others.


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