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Opposition Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi described Jobbik’s campaign for a European Union wage union as “mendacious demagoguery”.

Wages are not regulated by the European Union so the party’s European civic initiative for the wage union will have no consequences even if enough supporting signatures are collected, he told a press conference in Budapest.

Wages in Hungary should indeed catch up with EU wages but this will only be possible if Hungary has a good government, he added.

Ujhelyi said that despite Jobbik politicians claiming the opposite, posters promoting the wage union initiative throughout Budapest are part of a Jobbik campaign.

Ujhelyi accused Jobbik and ruling Fidesz of wanting to lead Hungary out of the EU “hand in hand” and said that Vona and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán only want the EU if they can profit from it.

As we wrote before, “Equal wages for equal work,” Jobbik and its Eastern European allies want this fundamental right to be finally included in the EU Treaties. That is why the European Citizens’ Initiative was launched and it was eventually given the green light by the European Commission. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and malevolent rumours being spread about the project to eliminate European wage inequalities. Some of this false information is planted in people’s minds by the Hungarian government’s whispering campaign. The article refutes the most common ones, read HERE.

Source: MTI

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