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The opposition Socialists have called for a “meaningful parliamentary and social dialogue” to prevent the further emigration of Hungary’s labour force.

Socialist MP Zsolt Molnár told a press conference on Tuesday that the ruling parties overlook the “tragic” tendency in which 600,000 people have left Hungary for other European countries in recent years, while another half million are planning to do so.

“The Hungarian labour market will be lacking hundreds of thousands of skilled people, further increasing the labour shortage primarily in the construction, catering and health sectors,”

Molnár said, adding that decent salaries and a predictable future could help ease the problem.

Molnár called on the government to set up a state secretariat to focus on issues around emigration and conduct a “meaningful national consultation” concerning the matter.

As we reported, there were 22,000 open jobs in the Hungarian IT sector in 2016. The situation worsened a lot since then. Some CEOs told the ICT Association of Hungary that they even had to withdraw from contracts and agreements because of the lack of workforce. Thus, the trend turned over: it is not the companies that choose their employees, but computer engineers choose where they want to work, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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