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The opposition Socialists call on the government to set up a crisis team and a state secretariat within the Prime Minister’s Office to find solutions for preventing the mass exodus of Hungarians, a board member of the party said on Sunday.

Some 600,000 Hungarians have left the country to live and work abroad over the past years and Central Statistical Office data show that another 250,000 are planning to follow suit, Dávid Bihal told a press conference.

Eighty percent of those gone had left Hungary for a financial reason, party member Barnabás Mester said, noting that two-thirds of those who left are in their most active age, between 16 and 45.

“This means that Hungary is losing a generation that should be building the country’s future”, he said.

The state secretariat initiated by the Socialists should draft a “credible” family and housing policy and develop a high-standard education system that keeps young Hungarians at home, he said.

On a related issue, Mester, the party’s EU affairs expert, criticised the government for pursuing “an anti-EU campaign” over the past few years.

With a view to the next EP election due in May, the Socialist Party has launched a consultation campaign asking Hungarians about the EU, its future workings and role, and how they see Hungary’s position and role within the bloc.

The consultation’s website can be accessed at

As we wrote a few days ago, about 600,000 Hungarians are living abroad, another 600,000 are planning to emigrate in the next few years. Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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