Orbán estate
Photo: www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/photos

According to 444.hu, an independent Hungarian MP, Ákos Hadházy, has flown over the family manor of the Hungarian PM near Hatvanpuszta the second time – he flies a sports aeroplane as a hobby. He took and published a bunch of new photos of the estate which clearly show that something is being constructed under the ground. 

There are two-month-old pictures of large pits with concrete slabs on the bottom, taken by Ákos Hadházy, former co-leader of LMP (opposition party). Now we can see premises on their places, built under the ground.

Orbán birtok
Photo: www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/photos

The MP could only guess about, what is being built on that territory:

 “Bunker? Wellness department? Underground garage? Basement?” 

Orbán manor
Photo: www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/photos

Despite the deficit of skilled workers, this construction is going well – the roofs of two enormous hotels have been finished in a relatively short time. Besides, insulation and coverage are also done as it seems. 

Hotel - Orbán-birtok
Photo: www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/photos

You can read about the expensive purchases of the orbán family here

Source: 444.hu

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  1. Hadhazy is just a POS who will lie everything about Orbán just to gain some points . No chance for these idiot clowns whatsoever .

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