REYNDERS, Didier; SZIJJÁRTÓ Péter Hungarian Foreign Minister
Luxembourg, 2018. április 16. Az Európai Tanács honlapján közreadott képen Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter (j) és Didier Reynders belga külügyminiszter (k) beszélget az európai uniós tagországok külügyminisztereinek találkozóján Luxembourgban 2018. április 16-án. (MTI/Európai Tanács/Mario Salerno)

US billionaire George Soros is at talks in Brussels in order to get Hungary and the Hungarian people punished because they voted for ruling Fidesz, which rejects immigration, instead of his candidates at the recent general election, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday.

Although Soros’s candidates suffered a defeat in the April 8 election, he ignores the outcome of the vote, Szijjártó told a press conference during an intermission of a European Union ministerial meeting in Luxembourg.

Hungarians voted in support of a government that gives priority to their interests and refuses to yield to international pressure to focus on migrants’ rights and encourage migration, the minister said.

On the topic of a draft report on Hungary presented last week by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee, Szijjártó said:

“The Hungarian people don’t need to be protected from the decisions of the Hungarian people.”

Hungarians have made a clear decision, declaring that Hungary needed to be protected from migration and as well as “the international policy which, instead of aiming to stop it, continuously encourages migration”, he said.

Only the Hungarian government is authorised to represent the Hungarian people, Szijjártó said. This means that neither the EP’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), Soros, Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of the European Commission, whom Soros is meeting on Monday, nor NGOs are authorised to represent them, he added.

As regards the regular meetings between Soros and Timmermans, the minister noted that

“they are both extremely pro-migration” and “committed enemies of the Hungarian government and Hungary’s migration policy”.

Szijjártó also noted that according to the EC, among the aims of the talks between Soros and Timmermans is finding a way to keep the EU together.

“It’s interesting how the first vice-president of the European Commission needs advice from an international speculator concerning the unity of Europe,” he added.

Photo: MTI/Európai Tanács/Mario Salerno

Source: MTI

  1. Dear Hungary,

    Pursue charges against Team Eurocide, on behalf of every European human on earth that has been subjected to 50 long years of Mass Immivason, and the systematic, planned, methodical elimination of every majority of Europeans in towns, cities, counties, region, states and even whole nations.

    End the worldwide Euro-cleanse. Demand ZERO Legal Immigration!

  2. Why i love Hungary.
    I am Australian who is currently living in Budapest with my beautiful Hungarian Girl. I hope soon to be married and settle down here permanently. Since i have been here Every true Hungarian has been very polite and very nice. I also have been making an effort to also learn your language and when i am able to also work. In Hungary i have always felt safe, I embrace your customs and law.
    I believe that if people go through the correct channels, for instance arrives through customs and tries to fit in and not want to cause trouble also contribute. I dont think Mr Orban has a problem or the people of this Beautiful country. In Australia we have religious minorities taking advantage of our welfair and crying discrimination every time something dosent go in their favour . They dont recognize our customs or laws only their own. Its the reason why i am here. This time last year my girl and i were in the Australian wilderness. She paid buckets of money as well as me and after 9 months was told to pay more or go home…So she did. During the time we were together i learnt a lot about this proud wonderful land. The changes after communism and the gfc. What i dont like is people from countrys that have been at war with each other before the birth of Christ walking through Europe and expecting people to feel sorry for them…. These people throw away their passports so they cannot be identified. Who are they… After one regime is overthrown they turn around and start killing again… I think Victor has done a good job standing his ground.. Because he loves Hungary. Not every one agrees. But i know exactly what he is thinking… The preservation of great people of a beautiful land…Thank you.

  3. Hi – Brett nice words . Good luck on the new land of opportunity , I was thinking of your age . The language going to be hard . Winter is going to be cold-hehehehe.

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