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Docks along the Danube by Budapest have been renovated in the course of preparation for the 17th FINA World Championships. During the event scheduled and dedicated services will be available, ticket holders of the World Championships can use dedicated parking lots and boat services free of charge. Details on the agreement concluded by MAHART Passnave and Bp2017 LLC. have been announced at the press conference hosted in the course of a spectacular boat cruise.

Those purchasing tickets to the 17th FINA World Championships will receive multiple benefits, especially when travelling to the capital city from the countryside or abroad. In accordance with the cooperation between MAHART Passnave and Bp2017 LLC. in addition to attending the tournament ticket holders will have the opportunity to enjoy highly spectacular boat cruises to the competition venues – upon choosing Danube boat services.

What is more, these services will be available for ticket holders free of charge. Moreover, ticket holders may use the dedicated parking areas by the Palace of Arts (MÜPA) and Szent Gellért square (opposite the University of Technology and Economics) free of charge and then they can change to dedicated boat services without having to purchase any travelling tickets.

This is a key element of the agreement between the two parties, in addition to providing dedicated boat services to FINA VIP guests, partners and accredited media representatives.

Dr. Tünde Szabó Minister of State for Sport reminded during the event on Monday that it is only 18 days before the start of the World Championships, which itself is a great opportunity for the country, in addition, it led to delivering and executing investments and developments which the city and tourism in Hungary would benefit from on the long run.

Thanks to the project 12 renewed docks will be put into service. MAHART PassNave and the Organising Committee of the World Championships have jointly determined the location and number of docks to be established in the capital which fit in the cityscape, have touristic value and serve the logistic demand of the event to the full.

Csaba Varga, Logistic Manager at Bp2017 LLC. told that four docks have been established by Duna Arena, three by Margaret Island, two at Vigadó square, one at Batthyány square, one opposite the University of Technology and Economics (by Szent Gellért square) and one at the Palace of Arts (MÜPA).

All docks have been designated to allow for multiple boats docking and departing simultaneously – allowing for the enhanced relief of road traffic. Boats from the north and the south will arrive at the docks 20-30mins apart, meaning that 8-10 boats may be received in a station every hour.

„Budapest is the most wonderful capital city in the world, what is more, 3 of the World Championships venues may be accessed by the Danube therefore we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. We started organising logistics on water a year and a half ago, I believe spectators approaching the venues by water free of charge will have a remarkable experience boarding the boat and sightseeing ont he way to the event. This agreement serves our aspiration to host one of the greatest World Championships of all times” – summarised Csaba Varga.

Éva Szántó, Executive Director at Bp2017 LLC. emphasized that Hungary had a rather short period to organise the World Championships hosted by Budapest and Balatonfüred, but thanks to the commitment of those working hard behind the scenes as well as their partners, including MAHART, the current stage of preparations and organising is absolutely in accordance with plans and provides for conducting the tournament at a high level.

Gábor Spányik, Managing Director at MAHART told that hosting the World Championships is a great opportunity for the Passenger Shipping Ltd. since it provided space for developments.


„We found an excellent partner in the company organising the World Championships, this is a great opportunity for us. 14 of our boats have been refurbished and renovated regarding technologic and convenience functions alike, they are ready to serve the logistic demand of spectators, contributors and attendants of the World Championships. There is Wi-Fi access on board. We are tired but looking forward to the event, we have done tremendous work, but this is a pleasant tiredness” – said the Managing Director adding that having completed the renovation of docks a historic shipping exhibition will be at the visitors’ disposal kicking off at Vigadó sqare.

Some of the dedicated boat services will be express ones (hydrofoil boats can cover the route between the Palace of Arts and Duna Arena in 20 mins) as well as round cruises every 20-30 mins.

During the World Championships there will be info sites in each dock providing visitors with timetable, touristic information as well as details on the World Championships. Holders of tickets and accreditation for the World Championships can use boat services free of charge.

Photos: József Szaka

Source: Press release – FINA

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