Bizac Gorge (Hungarian: Békás-szoros) Source: wiki commons

A series of three drone footage is being made about Transylvania and its natural wonders, as highlighted. The first episode has already arrived. In this video, we can see two sights that can be found in the borderlands of Hargita County: one of them is the valley Békás-szoros, the other one is the legendary lake Gyilkos-tó.

Békás-szoros — Bicaz Gorge, or Cheile Bicazului in Romanian — is a valley lying deep in the northwestern parts of Hagymás Mountains, in the valley of Békás stream. It was declared protected in 1971; it is currently part of the Nagyhagymás Nemzeti Park (Cheile Bicazului-Hășmaș National Park).

The valley of Békás stream is the longest — and probably the most fascinating — valley in the Eastern Carpathians. It is five kilometers long. It is divided into three parts: Pokol kapuja (Hell’s Gate), Pokol tornáca (Hell’s Porches), Pokol torka (Hell’s Gorge). The almost totally vertical limestone cliffs are 200-300 meters tall.  A bazaar can be found in the area where Seklers from Korond sell their goods. The mountainside also serves as the natural habitat of the wallcreeper, a special type of bird that lives on the steepest mountainsides.

Gyilkos-tó – Red Lake, called Lacul Roșu in Romainan – is situated a couple of kilometers away from Gyergyószentmiklós. The highland lying 983 meters above sea level offers a truly varying scenery: deep green plains, running streams, dense pines, curvy roads and silver mountainsides. Gyilkos-tó was born as a result of a landslide in 1837. The lake is about 93 meters deep and lies on roughly 12 hectars.

The specialty of the lake is that pines were conservated in the water. Its Hungarian name (gyilkos means “killer”) was given due to a traditional myth, which claims that flocks of sheep and some shepherds died in the tide.

Sándor Ötvös created a series of three drone footage about Transylvania. Here you can watch the first episode.

Photo: Wiki commons

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