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Popular Hungarian job search application Simple Job came up with a really creative idea to organise a collective interview session in the form of a speed dating session, reports. At the speed interviews, each candidate could spend 10 minutes doing a job interview for a certain position at a certain place, then moved on to the next one.

Speed dating is not a new phenomenon. In our changing world, where people have no time for anything, people often opt for having 10 speed dates in one night instead of investing many hours into one date which might not go well after all.

However, have you ever heard about speed interviewing?

The summer season at Lake Balaton is always tough. This is the time when the cities around the lake get conquered by thousands of tourists, the bars and restaurants are operating on a full workload, and life generally gets a whole lot busier over there. It is no surprise that there has been a huge labour shortage for years during this time of the year, and

the food service industry is in desperate need for temporary workers for the summer months.

Simple Job (a job search app) came up with the brilliant idea of a collective speed dating for people looking for workers for the summer, and for people looking for summer jobs around Lake Balaton. The speed interviewing was held at Plázs, Siófok, and

various potential employers (mostly locals) offered more than 300 available positions to the potential employees.

If someone was feeling really energetic and enthusiastic, he or she could interview for all 300 positions. It was a brilliant idea and a huge success. The organisers primarily wanted to reach the younger demographic with the whole idea, because usually, students are the ones looking for summer jobs, but certain businesses were willing to employ retired people as well.

Each interview lasted about 10 minutes, which is just enough time for the employers to (more or less) be able to assess the candidate’s suitability for the job. The experience was often not an issue, as most of the places train their employees anyhow. Dedication and sturdiness are much more important qualities in case of a summer job at Balaton.

If both parties were satisfied with the requirements and everything else at the end of the interview, an agreement could be made on the spot.

This way, people did not need to travel to the lake many times to do different interviews, they could check out all jobs in one day.


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