According to, the world’s most expensive stamps cost around 5 million euros. These small and light pieces of paper are the dreams of several passionate collectors. But even those who cannot afford to go from auction to auction don’t have to give up the experience because one of the world’s biggest collections is found in Budapest.

The Stamp Museum found on the corner of Dob Street and Hársfa Street is also an architectural curiosity because its home is a modern age listed building, which’s interior is decorated with unique tiles made from Zsolnay porcelain.

The venue of the exhibition is an imposing hall, which resembles a huge library at first. The stamps are placed behind metal framed glass plates sunk into the wall that protect the stamps from heat and light. The collection is made up of 13 million stamps, out of which around 550,000 can be seen in the exhibition hall.

The walls of the 7th district guard an incredible fortune.

The Stamp Museum is a world sensation considering its unique collection. Almost all stamps issued in almost all countries of the world can be found there. There are also philatelic legends like the world’s first stamp, Black Penny issued in England in 1840, and Guinean Nixon jewellery stamp printed onto golden foil and decorated with rubies.


Besides the valuable and rare stamps, there are also plenty of curiosities which include three dimensional, silk, lace stamps and even creations that smell like chocolate.

Last but not least, there’s a secret room, where the safety and decorative elements invisible to the naked eye can be observed in UV light, with the help of magnifying glasses.


You can find out more details on the website of the Stamp Museum, which could be a great programme for the whole family on a cold day.

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