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Approximately 8 thousand insurance demands had been sent to insurance companies after the storm on 23rd May: the estimated sum of damage may reach almost 4 million euros, as it was declared by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ).

According to, the most damage was reported due to the rainstorms and the leaks related to them. Roof damages, panel gap leaks were frequent, but most of the damage was dealt to estates that were situated in lower places, as well as to basements and garages that were flooded.

Experts of insurance companies reported that this wave of humidity came unexpectedly from both the aspects of place and time. 75-80 percent of the damages were done in Budapest, 15 percent in Pest county, and only 5-10 percent in the other parts of Hungary.

According to the first summaries, the rainstorms affected mostly the North-South zone of Budapest, humidity caused much less damage in the eastern and western districts, as MTI states.

Experts highlighted, based on damage statistics, that in the recent years, monsoon-like rains during which the usual humidity showed high concentration in time and space were more likely in Hungary.

The riskiest period in Hungary full of storms and rains is the time between May and August: between 2010 and 2015, insurance companies dealt with more than 885,000 damage cases, and the sum paid for damages caused by spring and summer storms was approximately 228 million euros.

In last years’ period between May and August 375 euros of damage was done to an average housing estate by the summer storms and rains.

The stormiest year of the recent decade was 2010 with lots of floods: insurance companies paid roughly 98 million euros for 312,000 estates between May and August that year.

Data of the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies tell that by the end of 2016, insurance companies in Hungary were processing 3.122 million home insurance contracts. Concerning the 4.4 million Hungarian estates, 72-73 percent of estates have insurance.

A basic insurance that contains the so-called basic risks like disaster risks can be contracted for 9.5-9.8 euros per month in Hungary. The market consists of 15 insurance companies’ 85 products, including 37 different contracts.

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