According to, János Fábri won a gold medal at the World Masters Powerlifting Championships held in Sweden. The 72-year-old Hungarian contestant came before the silver medallist with more than 80 kilograms.

The Hungarian Powerlifting Federation’s European and World Champion powerlifter triumphed in the 70+ category, thus winning his 6th Masters Championships.

The athletes of thirty countries competed at the competition in four categories. The 72-year-old powerlifter arrived in Sweden in a really good shape. He performed outstandingly well in the 83 kg weight-class of the 4th age group.


János Fábri squatted with 170 kilograms, he finished with 110 kilograms in bench presses and with 240 kilograms in deadlifts.

Regarding the aggregated results, the Hungarian sportsman won hands down with a final score of 520 kilograms. The Swedish Kari Mattila finished in the second place with 437.5 kilograms, while the American William Weinstock won the bronze medal with 380 kilograms.

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