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According to, the Hungarian company launched at the beginning of 2017 delivers 5-star hotel quality, healthy and delicious meals prepared in gourmet style. The best part: it is affordable! So it is no surprise that the startup has been soaring.

In one year, YoloFoodPorn has grown so much that they had to change their 100 square metre kitchen to a workshop four times bigger, reminiscent of the kitchen of a hotel. Naturally, the number of the staff has also increased tremendously.

The motto of the startup is that “health has never been so delicious”.

In the light of their motto, they started cooperating with Fitness World Champion Dorottya Németh and Sportkontroll, whose dietitians put together the menus for people with diabetes.


“We keep to our philosophy. We are working with good quality ingredients, lay great emphasis on serving and we work with compostable packaging. The preparation and cooking works start at dawn. We want to keep to the standard as long as we can. We have more and more menus, while we stick to the original prices” said Chef Gábor Kiss, who previously worked at the best kitchens in the world.

The ideology of the company is to never stick to “the general”. They encourage everyone to taste new flavours without prejudices. A diverse diet guarantees that our body gets all the necessary nutrients.

Even though some people just laughed at them in the beginning, they have been receiving more and more orders. Gábor Kiss believes that the key to their success is persistence.

“We are customer-oriented. If we make a mistake, we try to compensate for it, since we are humans, and there is no such thing as a perfect kitchen. Our dispatchers and servers are in constant contact with our customers. We also pay attention to small things. For instance, we sent flowers on Women’s Day. These are nuances, but it is worth it in the long-run.”


According to their experiences, their customers do not belong to the high society since they have affordable prices. A main course costs 1,700 forints (delivery included), which is only 20-30% more expensive than at other, “average priced” companies.

“People rather pay a bit more for neat, delicious food and good service.”

“Our kitchen measures up to the technology of a 5-star hotel, we are not average, and our startup fills a market gap. In the beginning, I was the one looking for partners, but now, partners are looking for us” added the chef.

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