Budapest, 2016. április 4. A budapesti Nagykõrösi úton telepített Véda közúti intelligens kamerának nevezett új fix traffipaxok 2016. április 4-én. Az új kamerák, amelyek április 5-én reggeltõl fognak mûködni, sebességmérés mellett – a többi között – forgalomszámlálásra és többféle szabályszegés felismerésére, dokumentálására is alkalmasak. A rendszer 160 mobil sebességmérõt, valamint az ország egész területén 365 fixtelepítésû komplex közlekedésellenõrzõ pontot (KKEP) foglal magában, 134 útszakaszon. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

From 8 am on Tuesday, April 5, the new, fixed speedcams, officially known as the Véda intelligent road cameras, installed by the police, have been put into operation, writes

The new cameras, apart from speed measuring, are responsible for traffic counting and recognising, and documenting several kinds of violations, for instance, crossing the barrage line or inappropriately driving in the bus lane. The system includes 160 mobile speedometers and 365 fixed traffic checking points (KKEP) all over the country.

It is important to note that in Budapest six new speedcams were installed. Two of them watch the traffic of motorway M3, two are at M5 and two at the shared area of M1 and M7. See the map of below, based on the list published by the Hungarian National Police Headquarters. It shows where these fixed super speedcams are located.

According to, Hungary’s transport policy is in harmony with the goals set out by the EU, as they recommended that the number of deaths, caused by traffic accidents, should be decreased by 2020 to 50% compared to 2010, and it should be around zero by 2050. The new cameras play a significant role in meeting this target.

Photo: MTI

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