13 thousand guests and 112 hotel managers were asked about tipping patterns. It turned out that 1 in 8 guests got shouts because of too little tips. Hungarians are not more fisted than other nations, hvg.hu says.

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According to the survey of szallas.hu, the majority of Hungarians (8 in 10) want to decide by themselves about the quantity of tips, hence they reject tips built in bills. One in 4 people said that he/she would like to abolish giving tips. Services say that the average amount of tips is 5% but the guests say they give more.

60% of Hungarians said that they give tips because of the nice services, only a quarter gives it because of the quality of the services. According to a manager, tourism sector workers do not think that too little tips reflect the bad quality of the services. Half of them think these people could not afford giving more tips, hvg.hu says.

9 of 10 people give money to the waiter, third of them to the bellboy and the cleaner. Receptionists get rarely tips.

based on the article of hvg.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: pixabay.com

Source: http://hvg.hu/

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