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The majority of Hungarians disagree with left-wing politicians who say that Hungary should have waited for the European Union approval of Chinese and Russian coronavirus vaccines before introducing them, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Friday citing a new representative survey by Nezőpont Institute.

The survey commissioned by the paper showed that support for vaccination has increased and three-quarters of adults said they supported it. Including people already vaccinated, some 6 million Hungarians plan to get vaccinated, it added.

Even among people critical of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, support for vaccination increased compared to last week but it remained under the national average of 66 percent.

At the same time, 80 percent of Orbán’s supporters also support getting vaccinated, the paper said.

A total of 53 percent of those surveyed said that once the Hungarian authorities issued their approval for Chinese and Russian vaccines, it was good that Hungary started administering these jabs. Only 33 percent said that Hungary should have waited for an EU approval before using these vaccines. Even 35 percent of those critical of Orbán expressed support for the government’s position in the vaccination drive, the paper sad.

Some 13 percent of the people surveyed said that epidemic management would have been better if the left wing had been in government. Among potential left-wing supporters critical of Orbán, some 27 percent said that a left-wing government would have managed the coronavirus crisis better than the current government and only 5 percent of voters with unknown party preference said the same, the paper added.

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Source: MTI

  1. Six million plan to get vaccinated yet only 4.2 have actually registered. That’s a big difference. Words ….. tricky things aren’t they. More spin and rhetoric for their election campaign. Independent survey was it?

  2. 1 in every 398 Hungarians lost their life to this novel coronavirus and worsening to come of this Scientific Medical Statistic that is Factual.
    Deaths – 24,762.
    Active Cases – 271,516.
    Critical/Life Support – 1,117.
    Sunday – we will witnessed on Statistical Medical Data- that Hungary a population of 9.6 million, will be the worst performing country when comparing population size to death ratio.
    This will be FACT.
    Citizen satisfaction – where was this survey conducted ?
    Political propaganda and spin – sucking the citizens in – attempting to brain wash them, attempting to, by absolute Falseness – present the mess we are in, that gives the Big Picture a Factual picture – the catastrophic mess Hungary is in.
    National Elections May 2022 – eyes firmly fixed on this “life and death” which it will be -National election for Hungary.
    The Government, self imploding, an economy in a catastrophic mess, on it’s knees, irrational panic decision making not based on Medical Science Advice, continual rises in un-employment, reports growing of only 50% a success rate of the Chinese vaccine “conglomeration” – and our magnitude of problems as citizens, in the way our Government continues to address – Humanity – our quality of live.
    April 19th – if this Government proceeds to open further Hungary – the endangerment of this Irrational decision that dismisses the vitalness of the “duty and care” of a Government – it’s Humanity to it’s citizens, if April 19th was to happen, this would be WRONG and Cataclysmic for Hungary.

  3. What survey? Government made a song and dance about the pointless seven question consultation we had to register for on the reopening of the country. So when did this survey take place or was it just for the government cronies? Well done everyone we’ve done a marvellous job, and we managed to promote the Russian and Chinese vaccines yet again! Let’s all have another pay rise!

  4. Professor (‘mad dog’) Caritas must think he is akin to the Cassandra of ancient Greek mythology.

    The only problem is that this poor, deluded fool has NO ability to see into the future and his ‘prophecies’ are based on nothing more than inaccurate information mixed with a severe case of dementia.

    When he is finally placed into a mental institution, the other patients will be desperate to escape from his incoherent ravings.

  5. What survey is this? Was it only completed by cabinet members? Of course, there’s an election next year isn’t there ……….

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