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The world’s largest LGBTQ survey has released its results, and Hungary proves to be a mixed bag with 40% of the population opposing gay marriage.

As Hvg reported, Viacom has conducted its largest survey yet on sexual diversity: more than 100 000 people were asked in 65 different countries. Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the gay rights movement, the results of the survey generally allow for optimism: the acceptance of gay, lesbian, and trans individuals has continued to rise.

Around 30% of the people asked had a positive change in attitude towards homosexuals, and 80% of LGBTQ members themselves felt like their acceptance has increased. This does not negate the fact that

25% of them have endured physical aggression because of their sexual orientation.

64% of Hungarians think that homosexuals deserve equal rights, and 58% find it compatible with their religion/culture. In contrast to this, 

only 25% of Hungarians support gay marriage, and 40% are specifically against it.

Other findings include evidence that personal interactions lead to greater acceptance of homosexuality (the corresponding ratio is 162%), and that LGBTQ representation in film and television are more influential than having gay politicians or members of church.

Similar results have been published regarding Hungary’s stance on medical marijuana consumption.








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  1. And how does that disturb you? Is it a choice only between your opinion or the end of the world? Yes, Hungary is still normal. You can go to plenty of other countries to celebrate degeneracy or even marry your pet goat. At us there are two genders, and marriage is the union of man and woman. No, I’m not interested in your “scientific arguments”. This isn’t a debate.

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