According to, the Swedish fast food restaurant chain O’Learys starts a world campaign this year, during which they name a dish after each country they are present in with a restaurant. They kicked off the campaign with Hungary and Ferenc Puskás.

O’Learys is one of Sweden’s strongest and most well-known brands, with satisfied staff members and profitable franchise operators. Up to 3 million people visit their restaurants every year. O’Learys has more than 100 restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, China, UAE, Vietnam, Turkey, Singapore and Hungary, making it Sweden’s most expansive restaurant chain.

The restaurant chain claims to be a bit of Boston, wherever it happens to be. “We serve great food, taking inspiration from many parts of the world. As a guest at O’Learys, you’ll get to experience this. Our food is prepared by professional chefs, offering generous portions, no-fuss, and with a kind service.”

O’Learys now sells one of its delicious burgers under the name Puskás burger throughout Scandinavia. The creation is part of their new world campaign, during which they commemorate every country where they have restaurants with a special meal. This includes ten countries besides Sweden.

Also, the Puskás burger is pretty much Hungarian all the way. It is full of onions, hot paprika, and good quality spicy sausage. “With whom else could we commemorate Hungary than the best Hungarian football player ever, Ferenc Puskás?” writes the restaurant chain on their website.


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