The suspected head of a Swiss drug dealing ring has been arrested in Hungary, the country’s police headquarters said on its website on Friday.

Police from Zurich asked the Hungarian rapid deployment police for support in an ongoing investigation several months ago concerning

a Swiss-French dual citizen who was living in Hungary and was suspected of regularly smuggling several kilogrammes of cocaine to Switzerland with the help of two others.

He was allegedly the head of a distributing network that sold the drugs in Zurich. It is thought the man ran the network from Hungary and regularly visited Switzerland.

On July 3, Swiss police informed their Hungarian colleagues that two of the man’s associates, including an Italian man and an Austrian woman plus five Colombian drug mules, were arrested after being caught in the act. The Swiss public prosecutor issued an international arrest warrant without delay and the man was arrested by Hungary’s rapid deployment police.

In line with Swiss laws, the man can expect to serve up to twenty years in prison.


Source: MTI/

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