Budapest, October 15 (MTI) – Tibor Szanyi, an MEP of the oppositions Socialists, apologised today for his “careless” approach that hurt some people’s sensitivity when he invited far-right bikers to Brussels.

Szanyi was slapped on the wrist by his party’s disciplinary committee for hosting members of an organisation called the Goy Motorists.

The party spokeswoman Bernadett Budai said the disciplinary committee had given Szanyi a warning but did not find him guilty of misconduct because he did not purposely violate the party’s basic rules. He was asked to refrain from similar action in the future, she added.

Szanyi told the press before the committee meeting that he did not want to get embroiled in explanations, but he was “very wrong thinking” that it would be possible to take “people far to the right of me” closer to European values.

In connection with the Democratic Coalition’s call for Szanyi to be fired as head of the Socialists’ EP delegation, Szanyi said in a statement that he was “fully open” to re-negotiations of any kind but only after people who acquired positions under his leadership also resign from their posts.

Budai told MTI after the disciplinary hearing that the party board would discuss Szanyi’s case during the day, and the warning made to him was separate from any change at the head of the Socialist-Democratic Coalition’s joint EP delegation. The national board will prepare a proposal on this latter issue and the delegation’s members will select a leader from among them, she added.

According to press reports, in 2013 Szanyi made a bet with the bikers that if the left lost at the spring parliamentary election, he would invite the bikers to Brussels and pay for their hotel, meals and fuel. In turn if the left-wing won, then the bikers would have to invite Szanyi to dinner.

Photo: MTI – Bea Kallos


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