Will Smith, Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Gemini Man, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: Youtube

One of the most famous American television shows Good Morning America! – with an average, 5 million viewers – made a long shot with actor Will Smith and Ang Lee (director of Gemini Man) in the most beautiful thermal bath of Budapest.

According to turizmus.com, the shooting became a reality with many weeks of planning and organising. The producers of GMA did not choose Széchenyi Thermal Bath by accident. Besides the features of the bath which make it an excellent location for shooting it is the

most famous and visited spot in the Hungarian capital for tourists.

In the report GMA made, Smith and Lee tasted the healing thermal water of the bath and cheered on Budapest and Széchenyi Bath. The American reporter asked Smith whether he feels himself younger when he tasted the water, referring to his newest movie Gemini Man, where he plays with his younger self. After tasting the thermal water, both of them received a back-massage while the reporter was asked about his experience and thoughts about Gemini Man, which was shot in Budapest as well.

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Will Smith travelled back to Budapest to the premiere of his newest production and celebrated his birthday with a fantastic concert in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The American actor also shared that he had the best time in the Hungarian capital at a press conference, danced to Hungarian folk music and told reporters about

what he most likes about Hungary and the Hungarian capital.

Source: www.turizmus.com

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