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After breaking the record of U2 with his European tour, Ed Sheeran set the bar higher for Sziget as well. On 7th August, the red-haired hero of pop music played in front of the greatest audience ever seen at the festival. This many tickets have never been sold for any concert of Sziget. What could be his secret? 

Sziget Festival has never seen such a crowd at any of its concerts. According to Origo, about 60,000 people were enjoying the music of the most famous solo guitar singer. What came next was very scary for the organisers. Based on comments of the audience on Sziget’s website, the whole programme could have ended in a catastrophe. Many people fainted, got sick, and they could only get out of the crowd through the service counters. There were a lot of people who did not risk staying till the end of the concert – they left earlier to avoid the leaving crowd. Some said:

“We were like hostages during the concert.”

According to the organisers, the crowd was calm, and everything went as planned under the supervision of the police and the security guards. They decided to let the people exit in sections to prevent accidents caused by the movement of such a crowd. The scariest moment occurred when the K-bridge started to sway for a short while. Some people thought they were dizzy, but then they realised that the bridge was moving. Fortunately, everyone managed to make it out without significant harm. 

Crowd on K-bridge


A one-man show has never had as much income and audience at Sziget as Ed Sheeran’s concert. No band has ever attracted this many people on Hajógyári Island in general. The British musician’s performance resulted in a financial outburst in Óbuda – based on HVG’s information.  

But how?

We can see where he started. If it was not for destiny, he could still be a very talented street musician playing at underground stops or in small clubs of London. Today, he has outstanding album sales, YouTube views, and record-breaking tours. There must be a secret behind all this for sure; otherwise, there would not be such a huge and diverse audience at his concerts, no matter what festival. 

Sziget from above
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If we go deeper into the issue, we can see that the reason may not be so complex. Ed Sheeran, the kind boy next door, who is cool, cute, and ordinary, sings about love from the so-called “friend zone,” without any pressure or boast, in a likable, modest way. He is not dividing at all. On the contrary. He is the common good about whom everyone thinks in the same, positive way. 

Those who like the music played by acoustic guitar like him for doing so. Those who like pop music or soul played on an electric guitar like him for doing that. Fathers, mothers, youngsters, and even grandparents like him all the same. Everyone can see something different in him. The girls see the dream boyfriend whom they would definitely want to date. Boys see the best friend whom they could talk to about anything. Parents can see a suitable partner for their daughter and the proper best friend for their son. 

Ed Sheeran concert crowd
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/SzigetFestival

Not necessarily his best hits or his outlook make him likable. Rather, it was his true, pure, modest, and integrative personality without any artificially created image to cover. As mentioned above, he plays alone his acoustic guitar and special looper being able to voice a whole band or studio record. Sometimes, he puts aside his guitar and as a professional, energetic singer, takes mental and sensual control over his audience.   

Moreover, he also takes on the Hungarian football shirt because he is a kind, mindful young man, who gifts the audience his festival best playlist consisting of his best hits for the concert – with great success!

Source: hvg.hu origo.hu

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