Budapest, December 11 (MTI) – Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Friday rejected remarks by German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who had suggested that the Hungarian government was against European values.

In a statement, Szijjarto said that Hungary has been the only country which succeeded in stopping an “uncontrolled” wave of illegal immigrants “in spite of hypocritical criticism from Europe”.

Gabriel, speaking at a congress of his SPD party, said that “extreme nationalist, intolerance and racism have always led to chaos and poverty for the people” and suggested that Hungary was one such country.

Hungary is one of very few countries which respect European values and will do all in its capacity to enforce European regulations, Szijjarto said in his response.

Photo: MTI


  1. @Peter Szijjarto

    Well put Peter!!
    Tell that Knucklehead, or watch him eat his own words when our brothers to the west finally grab this idiot and his horde regime and kick some butt!!

  2. Dear Herr Gabriel,

    Please tell us Hungarians exactly WHAT are the ‘European values’ that you espouse !

    Maybe I’m just a DUMB Hungarian but I believe that Viktor Orban & the Fidesz party in Hungary are WAY, WAY, WAY AHEAD of not just you but also that (other) half-wit Ms. Merkel [not to mention the legions of PINK POODLES in Brussels] in not only how to manage this so-called ‘refugee crisis’ {which is the result of German stupidity !} but also how to run a country – indeed Europe !!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, dear Herr Vice-Chancellor, but isn’t the German economy now totally ‘kaput’ (and that’s BEFORE the V.W. effect which has yet to make it’s mark) ?

    The new anthem for Germany should be as follows : “DEUTSCHLAND, DEUTSCHLAND, UNTER ALLES …”

  3. Gabriel and Merkel and their policies are the ones leading to chaos and poverty for the people, for which they will be called to account by the people.

  4. Mr.Gabriel has comnpletely lost touch to reality.Even in his own party SPD 25 percent of the delegates of the last congress voted against him.No sane person in
    Germany believes he can replace Merkel in 2017 not because she is good but
    because he is bad. Bad times for Germany.

  5. This contemptuous attitude of Germany and the EU towards Hungary solves absolutely nothing. The problem remains and adds nothing to the solution of the migrant situation. The reason these uncalled for venomous attacks happens because it is much easier to blame someone else than actually admitting that they are the ones who made the biggest mistake of inviting and waiting with open arms and flowers for the ones they now want to pond off to the other countries of Europe.
    Sorry Germany, Hungary doesn’t want your leftovers. You keep them. Good luck!

  6. Mutti Merkel has solved nothing after 6 months with her new found friends. In fact I’m reading that hardly any of these people have been registered properly or finger printed so no one knows who they are or precisely where their going, nor more to the point if the’re members of IS.
    We’ve also seen that the French failed to apprehend when they stopped some terrorists openly carry guns in a van, so much for border security.
    The only European seen to be doing something and offering protection from this invasion is Hungary’s Victor Orban.
    Like other comments I can’t see why the German Politicians have not seen the errors of their ways, retribution is coming with their elections not far away and the French on course for a new anti immigration government.

  7. Respect to the eu, Merkel and Gabriel. Respect the rules and values of the eu. I say no to hungarian bullshit.

  8. Respect to Hungary, who save Europe from an even greater influx of refugees. who are only out for social benefits, because many never get to work, but other European countries are blind for that.

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