Hungarian FM: War threatens rise in migration, terrorism

"It is a lot easier for extremist ideologies to spread in times of famine," #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary

Orbán cabinet: Islamophobia often gets more attention than the persecution of Christians

"Islamophobia often gets more attention than the persecution of Christians"

Why would a young Hungarian commit an ISIS terrorist attack?

It is crucial to figure out what led him to consider the decision to blow himself up willingly #Hungary #Budapest #crime #terrorism #islam #dailynewshungary

Mideast countries, Islamic organizations condemn terror attack in Vienna

??? "The bitter incident of terrorism in #Vienna once against proved the fact the extremism and terrorism know no boundaries" #prayforvienna

“We will not give in,” says France’s Macron after Vienna shootings

Macron: "I respects Islam and the Islamic world and didn't mean to offend them"

Hungary concerned over French-Turkish conflict

Hungary, similarly to other European Union member states, is concerned over the increasing tension between France and Turkey, two NATO allies, the foreign ministry said on […]

No! It is fake news that the Hungarian police protects the border with pigs!

Many people believed that this is how the police stop #migrants at the #Hungarian #border. Would you have also believed it? #Hungary #Islam #pig #fakenews #socialmedia #Facebook #Twitter #reddit #factcheck #AFP #newsagency

A mosque to be built in Zugló by the Hungarian Islamic Community

According to, the mosque, which is currently under renovation, will also function as a cultural centre. The municipality of Zugló only heard about the investment from […]

The fifth anniversary of Hungary’s new constitution – Orbán: Islamisation falls under constitutional ban in Hungary

Islamisation falls under a constitutional ban in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday, at a ceremony celebrating the fifth anniversary of the country’s new […]

US analyst: Orbán bold to point out Islamisation of Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is bold enough to “state the obvious” about the Islamisation of the continent, which the European Union is afraid to do, […]

Government: Hungary against Muslim radicals not Islam

Budapest (MTI) – Europe is at war and Hungary does not want to see an Islamic dictatorship on the continent, Saturday’s daily Magyar Hírlap said citing […]

Islamic community marks centenary of Hungary’s recognition of Islam

The Hungarian Islamic Community celebrated on Wednesday the centenary of Islam becoming a lawfully recognised religion in Hungary. “In the wake of the bombings in Paris, […]

Erdogan to visit Hungary, Turks would build minaret in the country

According to, the Turkish Ambassador Sakir Fakili presented complete minaret-building plans to the local government of Szigetvár. The Republic of Turkey would build a new […]

Islam rapidly expanding in Hungary

According to, the Hungarian intelligence services indicated several years ago that the number of the followers of Islam has grown rapidly in recent times and […]

This process leads to a Muslim-majority Europe

Academician Miklos Maroth thinks massive Muslim communities do not integrate in Europe where in some areas, they will be the majority in the foreseeable future, he […]

Hungary’s Muslim communities condemn terror attacks

Budapest (MTI) – The series of attacks was an act of terrorism for which there is no explanation, the Church of Muslims in Hungary told MTI […]

Iran deal restores Muslims’ dignity, says Hungarian Islam community founder

Budapest, July 16 (MTI) – The nuclear deal six major powers just reached with Iran has restored the dignity of Muslims, but could have twofold economic […]

Islamic cultural centre to be constructed in Budapest

The Islamic website shared a video of a gigantic building which is claimed to depict a mosque and an Islamic cultural centre planned by the […]

Hungarian Islamic Community rejects charge of skimming subsidies

Budapest (MTI) – The Hungarian Islamic Community (MIK) has rejected the charge that it had demanded millions of forints from a private welfare service provider in […]

Islamic leaders suspected of demanding kick-backs from service provider

Budapest (MTI) – The leadership of the Hungarian Islamic Community demanded millions of forints from a welfare service provider in return for ensuring their eligibility for […]