The Islamic website shared a video of a gigantic building which is claimed to depict a mosque and an Islamic cultural centre planned by the Turkish ministry of religious affairs to be constructed in Budapest. A video on the grandiose plans can be found on the YouTube channel of the Turkish organisation Türkiye Diyanet Vakfi, reported.

The mosque standing between the four big minarets and the several hectares belonging to the building complex would not only be Hungary’s biggest Muslim religious centre, but even Europe’s.

There is currently no location considered suitable by both the Hungarian and the Turkish party to build the grand mosque planned and financed by the Turkish ministry of religious affairs in Budapest, said the capital’s mayor István Tarlós, adding that there are regular discussions between municipal officials and the Turkish embassy, and the question of the mosque has already been raised, but the initial idea of constructing it in District X, near the end station of the M2 metro line at Örs vezér Square, was cancelled after both the local self-government and the embassy backtracked. According to locals, the neighbourhood is already home to large facilities of religious and ethnic communities and an additional development would be more than what the district is able to accommodate.

However, according to, the area has become unsuitable because the government has earmarked it for the country’s 2024 Olympic bid.

Earlier, commenting on the planned mosque, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed that many of the large number of foreign university students studying in Hungary are of Islamic faith and they are currently unable to practice their religion while they are in Hungary.

Turkey regards the aid granted to the construction of the mosque complex as a part of the religious diplomacy, and has launched a large-scale programme in the Balkans over the past few years.

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  1. “large number of foreign university students studying in Hungary are of Islamic faith and they are currently unable to practice their religion while they are in Hungary.”

    May I suggest that this statement is wrong? If they are truly religious they can pray five times a day making sure to face Mecca .Read and study the Quran every day.

    During the day from sunrise to sunset the call for the prayers will be coming from the minarets by loud speakers so everybody can hear the call.

  2. Correct, Cornelia.

    This sounds like more Islamic money being used to foist bombastic Islamic culture into Europe.

    Hungarians should resist this.

  3. I wonder how the people of Istanbul would react if the Hungarian government announced that it was going to finance and build an enormous cathedral and Christian cultural center in their city?

  4. As you know, Muslims in general are renowned for their humour and that could include Turkish Muslims. I’m not at all certain about how amusing Hungarian non-Muslims are but I’d guess they could oblige with one two witty suggestions as to where this proposed giant mosque could be shoved.

  5. the hungarian should start to think on any islamic building only IF
    in the Türkei two new chtistian Churches has been finished

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