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The Pegasus-affair is an attack on European values, says Jobbik MEP Gyöngyösi

The issue itself was an illegal surveillance scandal in which Orbán’s regime seems to be the most affected.

There are not enough waiters, automotive industry workers or IT professionals in Hungary!

These are the sectors that face #economic challenges as a result of the #coronavirus pandemic 🇭🇺 💸 #it #telecommunications #construction #tourism #automotive #dailynewshungary

Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum held in Budapest

Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum held in Budapest, details:

Hungary intelligence services doing utmost against cyber-attacks, says FM Szijjártó

"The number of cyber-attacks has increased with hackers posing a serious threat to private and corporate users and state organisations as well"

Hungarian coding education franchise network rolls into Africa!

#Hungarian #Logiscool to conquer the continent of the future? #Hungary #dailynewshungary #technology #research #coding #informatics #innovation

Opposition DK demands European probe into Pegasus spyware allegations

"A government in the heart of Europe unlawfully spying on its own citizens, journalists, politicians, and attorneys is without precedent"