Mikulás / Santa Claus


Speaker: Norway’s ‘gay Santa’ ad ‘desecrates a beloved holiday’ – VIDEO

"There's a limit to everything except vileness and absurdity," he said. #Hungary #Hungarian #Santa #Christmas #Norway #ad #TV #dailynewshungary

Santa Claus’s bus and trolley in Budapest will cheer you up

Santa Claus's magical bus and trolley will bring the Christmas spirit to the streets of Budapest #SantaClaus #bus #trolley #magical #Christmas #holidays #transportation

The story of Santa Claus’s dreadful sidekick – the Krampus

Are you on Santa's naughty list this year? #Krampus #Santa #Christmas #tradition #folklore

You better watch out, you better not cry : Santa Claus is coming to Hungary today!

8+1 facts about "Mikulás" you probably did not know :) #santaclausiscomingtotown #hungary #mikulás

Hungarian Christmas chocolate overview

Do you have a sweet tooth? :) Seems like Hungarians do

Joulupukki, the real Finnish Santa, arrives in Budapest

Joulupukki, the real Finnish Santa Claus, has arrived in Budapest :)

The spectacular 10th Santa Claus Cup – VIDEOS

The 10th Santa Claus Cup International Competition of Figure Skating and Ice Dance brought many magnificent moments during its 6-day-long programme. The event, held in Budapest, […]

Catch Santa’s trolleybus during the advent season in Budapest

Bkk.hu writes that Santa’s trolleybus will be circulating before Christmas, just like last year. Kids can travel together with Santa Claus on the decorated, environmentally friendly […]

Thousands of Santa Clauses at the Budapest Santa Run – PHOTOS, VIDEO

Thousands of people dressed as Santa Claus participated in the third annual Santa Run in Budapest on December 4, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports. Almost 3000 people participated in […]

11 amusing Hungarian customs to live your life by

Hungarian culture is filled with little traditions, prophecies and superstitions that provide a little, funny guidance on how to live a life filled with luck, love […]

Nearly three thousand Santa Clauses swarmed the capital – VIDEO

According to futanet.hu, the 2nd Rossmann Santa Run was carried out with more participants than last year, in a great atmosphere. Boggie Csemer, Alexandra Béres and Feri Rippel […]

The day of Saint Nicholas in Hungary

The figure of the man giving presents in a red cloak, mitre with a crook originates from Catholic regions. He is Saint Nicholas, the folkish figure […]

Thousands of runners dressed up as Santa Claus swarming the streets of Budapest on Sunday

Rossmann Santa running is going to be held for the second time on Sunday. The participants can take on the 2.3km distance in Santa Claus outfit. The […]

Finnish Santa lands in Budapest

Budapest (MTI) – Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus, landed at Budapest’s international airport and was greated by dozens of children on Monday. During his week-long visit, […]

Interesting Hungarian traditions

Being Hungarian people, we usually don’t think about what special customs characterize us and our country. Although these customs are completely natural for us, many foreign […]

Santa Claus Diver in Lake Tisza Eco-center

Joseph Evelle zookeeper was diving in Santa Claus costume with a sturgeon in the Lake Tisza Eco-center on yesterday. Lake Tisza (in Hungarian: Tisza-tó) is the […]