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No doubt: this bus and trolley are going to be the superstar of Budapest’s streets in the next few weeks. This is the fourth time that one of the buses of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) will dress up for Christmas and be Santa Claus’ magical bus.

According to, this special bus is going to be decorated with several Christmas ornaments and motives, which are related to the festive occasion and also Santa Claus.

From 6th December until 23rd December, on every Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, passengers can travel by this special bus. Its registration plate will represent the date when Santa Claus arrives, as it is going to be: BPI206.

The schedule of Santa Claus’ bus is the following:

The bus will transfer passengers on bus line 7, between Móricz Zsigmond Square and Keleti Railway Station on the following weeks:

  • 6th-9th December
  • 13th-16th December
  • 20th-23rd December

Passengers are allowed to travel with regular tickets and passes on this bus

Móricz Zsigmond Square M Keleti Railway Station M
Arrival Departure Arrival Departure
14:05 14:20 14:30
14:45 15:05 15:20 15:30
15:45 16:05 16:21 16:30
16:46 17:25 17:41 17:50
18:05 18:25 18:40 18:50
19:05 19:25 19:39 19:50
BKK, bus, Santa Claus
bus, Santa Claus, BKK

According to, besides Santa Claus’ magical bus passengers can also take a ride with his magical trolley bus which is decorated with fascinating and shining ornaments. Approximately 10,000 lights were used to decorate the vehicle. The modern, environmentally friendly and reduced mobility Solaris trolley will transfer passengers on the 19th December, on trolley lines 70,72,75,80A and 83.

On this trolley bus passengers not only have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. The Hungarian Baptist Aid welcomes every kind of donation wrapped in a shoebox on this trolley which will be given to the poor children.This is the 15th time when the Hungarian Baptist Aid organises its annual shoebox action and this year BKK decided to take part in this campaign.

These gifts are not only delivered to the poor in Hungary but also on abroad where Hungarian communities live.

Passengers are allowed to travel on this trolley bus with regular tickets and passes.

See the schedule of Santa’s trolley bus HERE. After opening the page click on the red trolley icon.

santa claus trolley
Photo: BKK

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