Number of Hungarians still decreasing

Preliminary data show that 6,484 children were born and 10,852 people died in April 2022. More details in the article #Hungary #Hungarian #population #family #statistics #dailynewshungary

CDI assembly adopts Fidesz, Slovenia SDS proposal concerning EU demographic strategy

"Its shrinking and ageing population means that Europe is losing its influence, competitiveness, economic power and room for manoeuvre in a new world order"

Hungary’s natural population declined by 1,424

10,024 people died in September - #ksh

Hungarian population in severe decline? – Latest population statistics

While the number of people who died in August, decreased since last year, it is still much higher than birth rate ✝️📉🇭🇺 #statistics #population #data #hungary #dailynewshungary

Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina sign agreement on youth affairs

Hungary's inoculation rate and the growing readiness of young people to raise children is "a subject of envy" in Bosnia and Herzegovina ????

Hungary’s freedom was given back 30 years ago

It was an important turning point in Hungarian history ?? #hungarian #history #changeofregime #budapest #hungary #dailynewshungary

Budapest amongst the top 20 most ambitious entrepreneurial cities in the world!

Over 24,252 new businesses registered in the city over a year. #Hungary #Hungarian #Budapest #dailynewshungary #population #business #money #investment

Budapest to become empty? – the reasons behind population decline

Meanwhile, #Rajka's (HU-SK border) population increased by 60 pc in only one year. ?? ?️ #Hungary #Hungarian #trend #realestate #business #money #population #Budapest

China’s population growth slips to lowest ever

In 2016, China replaced its one-child policy - initially imposed to halt a population explosion at the time - with a two-child limit

A 40-year-old mortality record was broken in Hungary in March

The rate of #population decline in #Hungary speeded up in the first quarter of 2021 ?

Why do Hungarians die early?

Recent statistics by Eurostat show that the elderly constitute a smaller fraction of the population in Hungary than the EU average, but the lifespan of Hungarians is shorter than what is typical of other nations in the EU.

Black January: Hungarian population declining much faster than a year ago

The record of 2020 seems to continue...???‍?‍?

Family Minister: V4 setting ‘demographic example’ to Europe

"We, central #European countries, will demonstrate that development could be based on internal resources" ?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

Hungary produces record population decline in 2020

Deaths outstrip births in 2020 ??☠️ #population #demography

Hungary births up in 2020

Hungary's fertility rate also increased over the past decade❗

Birth rate rises in the first ten months, fewer deaths in Hungary

Fully 106,723 people died in Jan-Oct, more details:

Hungarian government has no plans to change abortion laws

Great news! "The number of abortions in Hungary has gone down by 30 percent over the past ten years,"

Hungary family policy aimed at slowing population decline, says minister

"The biggest challenge facing Europe concerned demography" - Minister Novák

2021 census questionnaire to be available online for foreigners as well

2021 census can be filled out online for safety reasons, convenience and comfort. ?️ #dailynewshungary #hungary #census #census2021 #statistics

Hungarians still have many harmful habits: every tenth Hungarian man drinks every day

???? The proportion of #heavy # drinkers decreased, but...